Backup Quickbooks Online

Backup your Quickbooks Online (QBO) File

What did you say? You didn’t think you could backup QBO?

This is one of the complaints I hear often – especially from other accountants who are used to working with Quickbooks Desktop.  While QBO does not offer a backup within the program itself, there is a great app called Chronobooks that will backup your entire QBO file.

Backups are great, especially if you are integrating other apps, or batch-entering transactions.  Maybe something sync’d improperly from another app, or you entered a bunch of transactions incorrectly and the only way to fix them is change them one-by-one, or you’d been working on the file for hours only to discover you were working in the wrong file.  Mistakes happen, and backups can be our best friend.

Here’s a screenshot of my Chronobooks account.  You can see it’s constantly backing up. It runs a full backup every 24 hours, and “Quick” backups throughout the day.  You can also do a manual full backup anytime you’d like.  I use the manual backups a lot when I’m importing lots of data for a client.

chronobooks quickbooks online qbo backup


How much does it cost? Quickbooks ProAdvisors pay only $5 per month per company and get 1 free account. I used my free company on one of my larger clients to try it out and I’ve loved it so much I’ve added more clients to it. Those who are not ProAdvisors pay $10/company/month.  Both receive a 14-day trial.*

If you’d like to give it a try, sign up here!

Full disclosure: I earn referral rewards when you sign up through my link. But I’d be referring this product even if I didn’t earn a reward. 🙂


*Prices list are subject to change. Please check here for current pricing.


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